Solid Rock Rarities LLC
About Us
 Our commitment:
      We believe that buying and selling coins should be fun and stress-free.  Our most  importan
t objective is to understand your goals and needs, then apply all our resources to achieve them.


       Top 10 Reasons to Deal With Solid Rock Rarities LLC:

          1. Coin buying and selling should be fun, stress-free and rewarding.

        2. SRR is a trusted name, family owned and local.

        3. There is no pressure to buy or sell; there are no dumb questions.

        4. We make house calls; we want to understand your goals.

        5. Large inventory of nicer coins that you can see in person.

        6. Help in understanding the latest grading standards and market values.

        7. Periodic updates on the coin market, what's "hot" and what's "not".

        8. Will buy or help you sell any coins you do not want.

        9. Will locate any coins we do not currently have.

       10. Low overhead means competitive pricing.

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